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Time tracker Lite, is simple, ready to use Free Time Sheet software, that enables you to track time spent, on various project or activities and increase productivity.Generally Professionals such as designers, consultants, architects etc, charge client on time and material basis, or on fixed cost. In both cases, it is important to track actual time spent versus estimated.Hence they prefer to manage time sheets in excel, managing time in excel has its own limitation, it's tedious, less organized and information is not readily available.Time tracker Lite is useful for these professionals who work on multiple projects, and find it difficult to track, time spent on each project. Features Timesheet Generally professionals work on multiple projects and activities. They charge client on time and material basis, or on fixed cost. In both cases, it is important to track the actual time spent versus the estimated. Timesheet in Time Tracker Lite enables you to capture time spent on various activities or projects. Timesheet is simple, user friendly that allows you to record time, quickly and easily. Tracking time enables you to identify time consuming activities and analyze time and cost invested. other features month view It gives you the quick overview of time spent during the month reports Reports include project summary and other timesheet reports that give you the overall summary of time spent in a project or task. The data in report can be exported to excel. backup and restore data Time tracker Lite has inbuilt backup and restore feature to safeguard your data. benefits - Analyze total time spent on each project - Identify time consuming projects or activities - Summary of time spent during the month TimeTracker lite is absolutely free without any limitations. The data in TimeTracker Lite is stored on your local machine, hence it is faster & easier to access. Simply Download,Install & Get Started.
Timetracker Lite : Free Timesheet
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